How to practice appreciative communication

Published: 17th May 2011
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Communication is important to our everyday life. Almost everything we do involves it- we communicate with family, friends and other people. But there is a kind of communication that could be unique in its own way and this is what is referred to as appreciative communication.

How do you define appreciative communication? Perhaps we can do so by taking the two words separately by definition. Appreciative could mean recognition of an act which has a sense of approval, gratitude, value, positive reception and being thankful. Communication could mean an exchange of ideas, interaction, contact and some forms like message, phone calls, email and so on. So then we could say that appreciative communication is recognizing, showing approval and favor when there is an exchange of ideas between people. However, that would not be taken as literally as it sounds.

Appreciative communication is the act of recognizing what others are saying; acknowledging and listening to what others have to say. The other person considers this action as a desirable treat because what they have to say is given importance by you. But then that is the basic concept about it; you listen and acknowledge well but then it does not mean you agree with what they are saying. You may have a different view about the matter and when it is your turn to express yourself, then others would be able to react in the same way of showing appreciative communication because you have paved the way for it.

So how do you practice appreciative communication? Perhaps you may always have to keep in mind that everybody has something to say and have opinions that are valid and that must be represented. This is again regardless if you agree or not with their views.

In an organization where people have different views on how things should be done, the method of appreciative communication could be the underlying solution to keep matters in perspective. If you are the manager of an office and you happen to ask employees if they have problems about work, then they would tell you and so you have to listen to them. But if you ask your employees about ideas on how to make work become easier for everyone then you are encouraging them to think positively about what they want to happen to solve problems at work. You are valuing their inputs and your employees are happy about it. You must try to cultivate and promote regular collaboration, mutual support and innovation in the workplace.

Appreciative communication could also include learning how to evaluate people’s actions to result to something positive. In the office, it could result to effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. It could be a major management tool you can use to produce results that you want for your business, employees and for yourself. So practice appreciative communication and let it prosper because it could make a difference in your life.

The word for appreciative communication in practice in Danish is Anerkendende kommunikation i praksis. To learn even more about that, please visit this Danish website which can also be easily translated with Google Translate. To see how you can build another king of communication and cooperation, click here.

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